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Two journeys intertwined, two souls suspended in time, his art, her poetry brought you their story. Through our struggles and pain we managed to remain sane as we worked past the “mess” and revealed the message, “life does whatever is necessary to mold us and prepare us for greatness”.

Our cards were inspired by love for our artistry, our people, and the desire to reach one, teach one. Our mission is to help others by giving voice to whats yearning inside, bridge differences, inspire and at the end of the day we pay it forward to disadvantage youth (40% of the proceeds from e-Card sells will be donated to a local youth program).

There is much to learn through the eyes of a child. They love unconditionally, play as if there’s no tomorrow and live to laugh. “Children are our most valuable resource” (Herbert Hoover), investment in them is essential.

Thank you for visiting our website, enjoy!